Born in Rome (1981), I moved to London in 2004.


In Italy I began my training in contemporary dance, physical theatre, dance improvisation, mime and Strasberg Method. I have performed in several dance works and interdisciplinary plays, among which Barricate (2003), with the company 6.68 Controchiave Danza and as an actress in H. Pinter's Mountain’s language (2004) produced by Associazione Culturale Controchiave in Rome.


I have a Degree First Class Hons in Dance Studies from Middlesex University, London 2007. In my dissertation, Dance and philosophies of embodiment: bringing body to mind, I investigate the western body/mind split in relation to contemporary dance practices which promote a mindful body and an embodied mind. Trained extensively in Japanese Butoh dance with Alessandro Pintus, Atsushi Takenouchi, Masaki Iwana and Alessandra Cristiani, I have then attended seminars at Independent Dance in London with Gill Clarke, Gaby Agis, Giovanni Felicioni, Miranda Tufnell, Robert Anderson. I have trained in Authentic Movement and Therapeutic Presence with Linda Hartley at the Institute for Integrative Bodywork and Movement Therapy (IBMT) and with Andrea Olsen and Caryn McHose 'Body and Earth' at the Schumacher College in Devon.


I have collaborated with musicians Matt Davis (www.f-i-e-l-d.co.uk) and Jamie Mills (www.jamiemills.co.uk) and other dance artists such as Emmalena Fredriksson (www.emalena.se) and Sarah Fairhall (Strata collective with Jamie Mills).


I currently live in Cornwall with my son where I spend my time meditating, getting involved in creative projects and supporting adults with autism.


I am Kadampa Buddhism practitioner and teach weekly meditation classes in Truro and Newquay (www.meditationincornwall.org).




Artistic Statement


My practice explores embodiment and body/mind awareness and focuses on moving from the inside-out. Central to my practice is the body-mind phenomenon and the widening of the field of senses and perception. Sensation and imagination is embodied and rendered through a process which is informed by cultural identity, memory, place, contemplative practice, myths and folklore. My performances are usually partially improvised and set within dynamic choreographic scores. The focus is always to a process of ‘being’. Often provocative they aim to liberate the body, embracing an authentic and organic attitude, towards the body, movement and the environment.


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